Ankerpak operates as an extension of your packaging and distribution facility.  We have been known for packaging ‘large volumes of small widgets’ such as batteries, bobby pins, energy shots, pens, and screw drivers.  We have over 10 assembly lines for everything from shrink wrapping to blister packaging and more.  Ankerpak has fully-automated and semi-automated machines to perform the small and the large jobs.

Case Study #2 – Packaging for J&J


When I walked into the assembly area of a large distribution company the site manager asked me how I thought that Ankerpak could assemble their displays more effectively than him since he was doing it right there in his own facility.  It turns out that he had 36 people and was achieving 130 displays per shift.  When he gave Ankerpak the opportunity to prove ourselves we were running our line with 29 people and getting over 625 displays per shift.  He asked to come see what we were doing differently.  Ankerpak ended up earning his respect and his future business.  We made his job easier and his profits better.



-39 items on the BOM for 1 display SKU

-lot code tracking and 

-variety pack inner boxes

-only 6 displays per pallet 

-stretch wrapping and material handling was the bottle neck



-2 minor assembly lines feeding into one trunk-line

-in-line roller conveyor trunk line with built-in 54” one-piece stretch film machine

-material handling control supervisor for variety pack line

-simple format line design, every person had 1 task and 1 quality function

Half pallet holiday display rush for Cingular
NY firm chooses Ankerpak 
200 million
battery cells
to Panasonic
J & J
36 for 125
29 for 625
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