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Ankerpak is a superior option for outsourcing your manufacturing to us!  Our biggest competitor is China and Mexico and Ankerpak can help you win.  We have won against China with our bobby pin manufacturing.  We have won against Mexico with our grease pencil manufacturing and textile manufacturing.  I often get the question from people…. “how can you compete with their wages”.  I love to dive in deep and explain the many ways that we win and the experiences that we have had with our customers.


Ankerpak has moved 5 manufacturing operations and 2 packaging operations into our plants.  List below are some case studies on how Ankerpak has made our customers’ lives easy.


Tencate – Textiles:

When Tencate was purchased by private equity for over $1 billion the goal line expanded.  The upper management was presented with a challenge to increase their revenues and their profits without adding brick and mortar expenses.  



-tight labor market, needed every employee focused on core business

-existing building was full of equipment…. some core and some non-core

-old mechanical equipment was also the lowest margin business in plant

-old equipment took up 20% of their allocated space

-old equipment only contributed 3% of overall revenue

-old equipment only contributed 2% of overall profit


Solution – Outsource and Partner with Ankerpak

-Tencate got to keep their workers and re-allocate them to core business units

-Freed up space for innovative new fabric manufacturing equipment

-Tencate brand was elevated to match their new corporate goals and objectives

-Tencate retained old equipment revenues and profits with the best partner!

-Tencate revenue increased for the space utilized over 90%

-Tencate profit increased for the space utilized over 90%

-Overall Tencate profit for the business increased over 20%







Newell Brands - Sharpie:

When Newell was re-aligning their old foot print and moving machines Ankerpak was called to the table.  Some of the facility in Lewisburg, Tennessee, was being moved to Maryville, TN, and the majority of the plant was being moved across the border to Mexico.  Ankerpak was asked to quote on 3 segments of their business and we were proven to be the best solution and partner.



-old mechanical process machinery.  7 step process to make one marker

-over 80 raw materials and packaging items in the BOMs

-customer demand required color flexibility and speed to market

-lower revenue focus item than other Sharpie core business units

-old mechanical equipment was also the lowest margin business in plant


Solution – Outsource and Partner with Ankerpak

-Newell met standard cost initiative with more flexibility and fast speed to market

-Freed up space for new innovative Sharpie manufacturing equipment in new plants

-Newell retained Sharpie revenues and profits with the best partner!

-Newell retained flexibility and speed and keeps the brand of color!




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