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Ankerpak, as a manufacturer, offers a superior option for your outsourcing needs. In a highly competitive landscape where China and Mexico are our primary rivals, Ankerpak has consistently demonstrated its ability to emerge victorious. We've successfully competed against Chinese manufacturers in the bobby pin industry and outperformed Mexican counterparts in grease pencil and textile manufacturing. Often, we're asked, "How can you compete with their lower labor costs?" It's a question we welcome, as it allows us to showcase our numerous winning strategies and experiences gained from partnering with our valued customers.


Ankerpak has seamlessly integrated five manufacturing operations and two packaging operations into our plants. Below, we present some case studies that illustrate how we've simplified our customers' operations:


**Tencate – Textiles:**
When Tencate transitioned under private equity ownership, the challenge was clear: increase revenue and profits without expanding brick and mortar expenses. They faced a tight labor market and needed every employee to focus on their core business. The existing facility was cluttered with various equipment, some core and some non-core, including old mechanical equipment representing the lowest-margin segment in the plant. This outdated machinery occupied a significant portion of their allocated space but contributed only 3% of overall revenue and 2% of overall profit.



**Solution – Outsource and Partner with Ankerpak:**
- Tencate retained their workers and redirected them to core business units.
- Valuable space was freed up for innovative new fabric manufacturing equipment.
- Tencate's brand image was elevated to align with their corporate goals.
- Revenues and profits from the old equipment were retained with Ankerpak.
- Revenue and profit for the utilized space at Tencate increased over 90%.
- Overall Tencate business profit increased by over 20%.






**Newell Brands - Sharpie:**
Newell faced the challenge of realigning its footprint and relocating machinery. Portions of the Lewisburg, Tennessee facility were moving to Maryville, TN, and the majority of the plant was being transferred across the border to Mexico. Ankerpak was approached to quote on three segments of their business and emerged as the best solution and partner.


- Outdated mechanical process machinery requiring a 7-step process to manufacture one marker.
- Over 80 raw materials and packaging items in the Bill of Materials (BOMs).
- Customer demand necessitated color flexibility and rapid time-to-market.
- Sharpie, while a renowned brand, represented a lower revenue focus item compared to other Sharpie core business units.
- The old mechanical equipment represented the lowest-margin segment in the plant.



**Solution – Outsource and Partner with Ankerpak:**
- Newell achieved standard cost goals while gaining flexibility and speed-to-market.
- Valuable space was freed up for new innovative Sharpie manufacturing equipment in new plants.
- Newell retained Sharpie revenues and profits through collaboration with Ankerpak.
- Flexibility, speed-to-market, and color brand were maintained.

These case studies exemplify Ankerpak's ability to overcome complex manufacturing challenges and provide solutions that drive revenue growth, cost savings, and enhanced brand value for our valued partners.

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