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Ankerpak Manufacturing

"Your Vision, Our Precision: Crafting Excellence Together"

Ankerpak recently purchased a new 80,000 square foot warehouse on 11 acres which will be used for packaging and distributing products for our customers. Ankerpak has created 3PL services to provide to our customers making it easier for them to concentrate on more core competencies.


Why Go Third Party?

1. Focus on Your Businesses Core Competencies.

The outsourcing of logistics permits your company to focus on the core business by taking logistics and supply chain management off your hands. Ankerpak has brought value to all of our customer’s core competencies who trust our 3PL services.

2. Reduce Time and Cost

Ankerpak’s extensive knowledge and expertise of 3PL services gives us the ability to ensure efficient time and cost. By outsourcing workforce and transportation, your company does not have to worry about constantly updating and adapting IT systems used for distribution.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Ankerpak owns two 80,000 foot warehouse facilities, one used for manufacturing and the other used for packaging and distributing. Ankerpak’s ability to warehouse our customer’s products and ship them where they need to go allows our customers to better scale space, labor, and transportation based on inventory needs. Your company can utilize space and resources more efficiently without having to worry about storing your products.

Ankerpak’s distribution center is strategically located to allow quick shipping of goods and we have the resources to easily support growth into new markets. Contact us for your companies distributing needs!

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