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When Ankerpak completes the packaging assembly of your finished products we ship it direct to your customers for you.  Ankerpak has a “cloud based” fulfillment system that links our company together with yours.  Through our customer web portal our system gives you real time accurate information on receipts, raw material inventory, finished goods, and real time shipment information.  


Ankerpak has found a great niche for servicing great consumer brand companies in the big-box retail space.  What separates us from competitors is that we bring the packaging production experience in addition to the fulfillment.  Our customers love their hybrid supply chain that has the most flexibility, fastest speed to market, and lost cost possible.   


Many of Ankerpak’s customers have a few things in common.  They operate out of an office only.  They have no warehousing, no conveyor belts or assembly lines, no fork lifts, no big overhead, and no major indirect staff for managing the daily routine.  Ankerpak takes the headache away from our customers allowing them to focus on promoting the brand and growing sales.  We allow them to utilize their cash and other resources on the areas that help them the most.  


Case Study #3 – Packaging with Fulfillment


-40,000 square foot facility in north Georgia 

-25 employees operating a cost center for packaging and fulfillment

-Capital and expenses tied up into cost center



-Ankerpak assumed responsibility for packaging and fulfillment in north Ga.

-Ankerpak took accountability for inventory and bought assets

-We moved the equipment and inventory to Ankerpak facility

-Saved money on the daily routines and increased flexibility

-Freed up working capital for promoting the brand and growing sales

-Customer re-aligned human capital to focus on core business

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