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IT Operations Analyst

3961 Cusseta Rd, Columbus, GA

Full Time

Duties: Identify, recommend, and implement changes to improve productivity and reduce cost utilizing -3PL system. Improve accuracy of inventory, picking accuracy, and on-time shipments using 3PL Central. Host meetings between company and clients, and vendors, creating timelines, budgets, and implementation plans for improved process flows, procedures, and software. Supervise and facilitate implementation of process flows, procedures, and software updates. Plan technology enhancements, including integrations between the 3PL Central Warehouse Management System and customers’ sales  software, mobile scanning technology used in warehouse, and technical process flows as they relate to production, picking,
and shipping of product. Monitor and manage company website.


Requires: Master’s Degree in Operations Research, Computer Science, or a closely related degree.

Graduate level coursework must include coursework in Operating System Design and Implementation, Contemporary IS in
Database Management Systems, and Network and Cloud Management.


Mail resume to: Mr. John Anker, Ankerpak LLC, 1323 11 th Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901

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