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We love our town. We love our people.

Situated along the banks of the Chattahoochee River, Columbus embodies a wealth of industry, manufacturing and production – which is central to our business, and more importantly, to the local economy. Not only has Columbus continued to thrive industrially, our city also has a lively arts and sports community, and is renowned for its historic architecture and military history. As the third largest city in Georgia, Columbus is home to the Infantry Museum, the world’s best Army Installation at Fort Benning, and the largest urban whitewater course in the world. From industry to whitewater rafting, the Chattahoochee has evolved into a local whitewater hotspot for kayakers and tourists around the globe. Once you step foot on Columbus’ soil, we guarantee you won’t regret it.

Come for a visit to Ankerpak and you will know that we are family.  We have processes and procedures that help us serve large corporations as well as small businesses, but we don’t lose sight of who we are together.

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Meet the Team
Shemika Jones

Take Shemika for example.  Shemika started Ankerpak as a temporary working on an assembly line.  She was recognized as the natural line-leader and became a W-2 employee.  She moved to quality supervisor, and ultimately became our production supervisor.  She has a wonderful smile that shows through even in her communication emails to our customers.  She is accurate, responsive, and will follow through on her promises!  Shemika has passed on her smile to her youngest son who is often seen hanging out in the offices of Ankerpak!


Take Miles as another example.  He was a business owner before the great recession, and then he came to Ankerpak as a temporary working on an assembly line.  He also was recognized as a valuable leader and was hired full time.  Miles became a packaging line-leader and machine operator in our packaging department.  One year later he moved to our manufacturing facility as a machine operator of one of our new exciting textile manufacturing ventures.  Miles and his wife have two college boys playing football.  One of their boys is in South Dakota and the other is in Texas.


Then there is Alex.  Alex started with Ankerpak in 2005 as a temporary on an assembly line.  Alex was always a fast learner and a very person smart capable of most anything.  Alex became a full time machine operator in our bobby-pin manufacturing department.  He ultimately became a 2nd shift supervisor.  As business changed he became a supervisor over all packaging.  Today he is supervisor over all our manufacturing.  He plays a critical roll in Ankerpak’s ability to remain flexible, fast, and easy to do business with.  Alex is very trustworthy and has wonderful follow-through.  You can count on him for anything.  He is married with 3 children and a dog named Daisy!

I will keep adding stories of our people to this list because I love all of our team.  We stay in touch with most of the past members as well because they have all played a part in our success.



John Anker - President

Lee Jernigan - General Manager

Paul Barnes - Director Operations


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